I do agree with you that the best thing for us to do is to translate articles from other languages(wikis) to Pashto. The problem is that not all of us can write well in Pashto. I know we shouldn't be here in that case, but I want to do my best to expand this Pashto wiki.

To tell you the truth, we have less than 100 academic articles (translated from other wikis or written by the Wikipedians). All of us have copied and pasted articles from other sites, books, magazines and so on. The most we (excluding some of us who can't write well in Pashto) have done is change something here and there and that is about it.

We have to live with reality, and that is we don't have enough people contributing to this Wikipedia. It is a good idea to write academic articles ourselves or translate them from other languages, but, it will take days for a user to translate some of those articles and even longer to write something original. In order to build a wikipedia like that, we need hundreds of active contributors not 3 or 4.

Therefor, I don't see any problem with copying articles from other sites. That is good enough for now. When we have more users and more time, they are welcome to expand or replace the content. It is better to have something than nothing. (Ketabtoon 04:58, 10 نومبر 2009 (UTC))

Dear brother Kitabtoon salamona Thanks for your kind reply and tips, Iam agree with your points of views and hope we can get more brothers on track to work realisticaly and manageably. best wishes with your good works have good time.